Selected Families and Individuals


john strickland holmes

seaman's ticket no. 152022, issued at lancaster 7th november 1848

description at age 14: height 4'10"; hair brown, complexion fair, eyes blue; marks: none; can write: yes; has served in rn: no; has been in foreign service: no. first went to sea as boy in the year 1848

apprentice indenture dated 6th november 1848, bound for 4 years to wm. rawcliffe, ulverston, to serve in the vessel "hannah", lancaster

20.5.1851 william rawcliffe transferred to command the new schooner "richard roper" (off. no. 13875), in which he had a share of ownership. surely his apprentice would move with him?

barrow herald, 7 january 1882, page 8:

the missing captain holmes - bills have been posted offering a reward for the recovery of the body of captain holmes, who was drowned off piel on the 14th december. the description given is as follows: - "the deceased was dressed in an oilskin
suit, pair of dark cloth trousers, laced-up boots, and had a piece of flannel wrapped round his neck; gold rings in ears. he was 47 years of age, height about 5 feet 8 inches, and stoutly built, light hair, ginger whiskers."

barrow herald, 25th february 1882, page 5:

the late captain holmes - the body of the unfortunate captain holmes, who was drowned before christmas, at piel, was discovered on the sands near flookburgh, on friday last, and removed from thence to cark, where an inquest was held on monday,
and a verdict in accordance with the facts returned. the body was so much decomposed that his widow and brother were unable to recognise deceased, except by certain articles of clothing which he had on. his remains were brought to ulverston,
and interred in the cemetery on tuesday.

thomas richard slater

in the ulverston holy trinity parish register (original), at the baptism of thomas richard the father's name is partially entered - "james....." - but is then deleted.

abraham slater

abraham purchased grave 1.u.13 whitehaven cemetery in 1887 for the burial of his father thomas (information supplied by the cemetery guardian from looking at his records, 12.8.99)

abraham slater

1825: abraham received by his father's will his feather bed and a one-seventh share in the residue of his personal estate

1847: william middleton, of chamley house, kirkby, in attendance at time of death

hannah slater

1853: ? witness at marriage of joseph james slater and eleanor briggs

thomas slater

will dated 25.4.1825

agnes postlethwaite

her nephew was william postlethwaite of beckside, k.i., butcher (1825)

thomas slater

under his father's will (1825), 15 was directed to be laid out by the trustees "to and for the use of my son thomas in wearing apparel or otherwise at such times manner and form as they may judge proper". [comment: thomas was then aged 52.
none of the other beneficiaries were treated this way. the form of this bequest seems to suggest that he was not considered competent to look after his own affairs.]

william slater

no provision in his father's will (1825) for any grandchildren through william. [comment: it looks as if he left no issue]