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29 July 2002 Picture added to Mining disaster page
by kind permission of Ann Kramlich
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7 July 2002 Extra Data added to Misc info page Click Here
16 April 2002 Grave of Isabella (nee Slater) & John Brockbank Click Here
18 April 2001 Slater Coat of Arms Windows 98 Screensaver Click Here
6 April 2001 Transcrips of some wills Click Here
4 February 2001 Some more photographs added Click Here
8 August 2000 Marriages added to 'Slater Special Dates' Click Here
19 May 2000 Christenings & Funerals added to 'Slater Special Dates' Click Here
19 May 2000 More people added to family Tree Click Here
24 April 2000 More Wills and Death Certificates Click Here
3 April 2000 Help forum added. Click Here
17 March 2000 GEDCOM Viewer added
With search, family, pedigree, notes etc.
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15 March 2000 Lots of people added to 'Family Tree'
'Graphical Tree' not yet updated
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11 March 2000 'Rollins' Shipwreck Click Here
11 March 2000 Butte (Montana) Mining Disaster Click Here
4 March 2000Free Software section addedClick Here
2 March 2000Special Slater Dates page addedClick Here
24 February 2000Lots of people added to Family TreeClick Here
20 February 2000Slater Wills pages addedClick Here